And The Record Begins With A Song Of Rebellion..

Hi! I'm Josh. I'm a 26 year old nerdy Christian who lives in Chattanooga, TN and pretends to be a computer programmer during the day. I'm taken by a gal named Rebecca. I have a pet Corgi named Stark. I play guitar, sing, and make the occasional funny joke. My blog is full of nerdy things, funny pictures, and bad decisions. Ron Swanson is my hero. I enjoy questions so feel free to ask them.


This is my practically impromptu cover of Ron Pope’s ‘Perfect For Me’.

A girl (her name is Lacy) recently challenged me to learn this song and so I sort of did that but decided to film myself covering it before actually completing that whole ‘learning the song’ process.

This cover is dedicated to Lacy.

Also, challenge completed.

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